About us

Welcome to The Tangled Wood, an enchanting world filled with all things magical, miniature and whimsical.

I have been captivated by miniatures for as long as I remember and coupled with my love for all things fairy, woodland, magical, spooky and mythical it seemed natural that I create a place for myself and others to enjoy these things.

My magical miniatures business side of things all began back in around 2007, when I was making tutus to sell on Etsy. With every tutu that that I sent out, I attached a tiny little corked vial, filled with fairy dust, to pretty up the package. One day, a customer emailed me to ask if I would make her a bunch of fairy dust bottles to use as party favours for her daughter's birthday. So I created some labels, attached them to the bottles and the customer loved them. I also loved them so much that I decided to put the tutus to the side and concentrate on tiny bottles of fairy goodness.

Back then, my business focus was mainly fairy dust bulk lots for party favours, as well as wand making kits and other magical goodies. I also had a physical shop for a while, doing fairy parties and plaster painting. However, life got a bit crazy trying to run a business and raise three little kids, so I went back to online selling and focussed primarily on fairy dust...and pixie dust, and unicorn magic and mermaid tears and many other tiny little bottles of enchantment.

My Etsy shop has gone through changes over the years and I moved away from doing bulk lots of miniature magic to concentrating on more individual bottles and somehow that turned into creating dolls house and fairy garden miniatures. I also starting creating fairy garden kits (which will be online very soon) to sell at markets and they were incredibly popular.

I love creating different kinds of magical potions and adornments for tiny worlds. I love that I am only limited by my imagination. However, I am also aware that there are only so many hours in a day, and whilst I would love to sit and make whimsical wares all day long......I have a husband and three young children, I'm doing a Bachelors degree at university, I have an (always messy) house to try and keep on top of and I love to get out and socialise. So, that has brought me here to my own website, where I can create magical wonders around my life but also source other products from around the world to compliment my miniatures (and take some of the pressure off me).

Thank you for reading my story of how The Tangled Wood came to be. I look forward to many years of creating magic, building beautiful customer relationships and simply doing what I love.

Danielle xx